December 7, 2018:  China Automotive [Nasdaq: CAAS]  $5.0 Million Share Repurchase Plan Announced

November 20, 2018:  Flexible Solutions [NYSE MKT: FSI]  FSI Acquires ENP & Signals Potential Dividend
November 20, 2018:
  Barfresh Food Group [OTC: BRFH]  Major QSR Signed For National Rollout
November 19, 2018:
  Staffing 360 Solutions [Nasdaq: STAF]  Additional JIG Dealings Alter Cap Table
November 19, 2018:
  SORL Auto Parts [Nasdaq: SORL]  Continued Concerns About The Balance Sheet & Related Party Dealings
November 16, 2018:
  Fullshare Holdings [HK: 607]  CHS Deal Terminated And Continued Investment In Real Estate Projects
November 16, 2018:
  Differ Group [HK: 6878]  Additional Investments Announced For Asset Management Division
November 12, 2018:
  China Automotive [Nasdaq: CAAS]  Stock Looks Cheap Despite Trade War Fear
November 9, 2018:
  China Yuchai [NYSE: CYD]  Margins Hold Steady In Weaker Quarter
November 2, 2018:
  Guangdong Land Holdings [HK: 124]  Portfolio Projects Continue Developing On Schedule

September 10, 2018:  Differ Group [HK: 6878]  Another Cash-Flow Ready Property Acquired
September 7, 2018:  SORL Auto Parts [Nasdaq: SORL]  Numerous Issues Provide Uncertainty on SORL
September 7, 2018:  Fullshare Holdings [HK: 607]  Nearing Resolution On CHS Deal
September 5, 2018:  Guangdong Land Holdings [HK: 124]  Recently Closed Acquisitions Should Provide Bridge To Buxin Project
August 29, 2018:  China Yuchai [NYSE: CYD]  Exhaust Emission Control JV Established With Market Leader In Europe
August 29, 2018:  Staffing 360 Solutions [Nasdaq: STAF]  Two Acquisitions Add $85 Million In Annual Revenue
August 23, 2018:  Barfresh Food Group [OTC: BRFH]  Sales Beginning To Ramp As Locations Expand Across All Three Major Channels
August 21, 2018:  Flexible Solutions [NYSE MKT: FSI]  FSI May Have Lost Its Largest Customer
August 20, 2018:  China Automotive [Nasdaq: CAAS]  Chairman Surprisingly Pulls Buyout Offer
August 20, 2018:  China Yuchai [NYSE: CYD]  Sales To Off-Road Applications Soar In Q2​

July 5, 2018:  Fullshare Holdings [HK: 607]  M&A Deals Look To Reshape FS Assets
June 26, 2018:  Differ Group [HK: 6878]  HK$320 Million Share Placement Provides Additional Growth Capital
June 19, 2018:
  China Yuchai [NYSE: CYD]  $2.21 In Cash Dividends Announced For 2017
June 18, 2018:
  Initiating Coverage of China Yuchai International [NYSE: CYD] with Buy and $28.00 Target

June 4, 2018:  Guangdong Land Holdings [HK: 124]  Acquisitions Look To Be An Accretive Deal For Shareholders
May 29, 2018:
  SORL Auto Parts [Nasdaq: SORL]  Related Party Transactions, Debt, And Potential Tax Liability Continue To Cloud SORL
May 18, 2018:
  Staffing 360 Solutions [Nasdaq: STAF]  Q1 Revenue Weaker Than Expected But Should Pick Up As Organic Growth Initiatives Start To Pay Off
May 16, 2018:
  Barfresh Food Group [OTC: BRFH]  Progress Continues To Be Made On Large Accounts
May 16, 2018:
  Flexible Solutions [NYSE MKT: FSI]  Q1 Revenue Meets Estimate Despite Continued Declines From Largest Customer
May 15, 2018:
  China Automotive [Nasdaq: CAAS]  Q1 Results Not As Bad As Net Income Miss Indicates

May 3, 2018:  Guangdong Land Holdings [HK: 124]  Property Acquisition Announced & Buxin Site Visit

May 2, 2018:  China Automotive [Nasdaq: CAAS]  Quietly Turns Over EPS Business to JV

April 10, 2018:  Guangdong Land Holdings [HK: 124]  Legacy Property Sale Boosts H2:17 Results
April 6, 2018:  Differ Group [HK: 6878]  Shift Towards Asset Management Services Continues
April 4, 2018:  Barfresh Food Group [OTC: BRFH] Momentum Builds As National Account Rollouts Begin
April 3, 2018:  Flexible Solutions [NYSE MKT: FSI]  Big Decline In Sales To Its Two Largest Customers Sink Q4:17
April 3, 2018:  SORL Auto Parts [Nasdaq: SORL] Huge Borrowing To Fund Related Party Loans Raises Concerns
April 2, 2018:  China Automotive [Nasdaq: CAAS]  Repatriation Tax Weighs Heavily On Q4:17 Results
April 2, 2018:  Staffing 360 Solutions [Nasdaq: STAF] Organic Growth Initiatives Could Produce Better Than Expected Results In 2018
March 20, 2018:  Staffing 360 Solutions [Nasdaq: STAF]  Q4:17 Sees Margin Improvement
March 8, 2018:  Staffing 360 Solution [Nasdaq: STAF] Positive Changes Made To UK Operations
February 2, 2018:  Fullshare Holdings [HK: 607]  Potential M&A Deals Look To Reshape FS Assets
January 24, 2018:  Guangdong Land [HK: 124]  Profit Expected In 2017 After Legacy Property Sale
January 19, 2018:  Differ Group [HK: 6878]  Differ Makes Several Key Acquisitions

January 4, 2018:  Staffing 360 Solutions [Nasdaq: STAF]  1-for-5 Reverse Stock Split Approved.

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