Greenridge Global provides a range of services geared towards companies that range from start-ups to publicly traded multinational companies.  Greenridge has the experience to help start-ups find their footing and prep for future growth, as well as help larger companies enter new markets and evaluate their competitive landscape.  Greenridge will work with each client to find the appropriate fee structure based on needs, but cannot accept contingent/success fees.  The key services provided by Greenridge include:

Pre-Transaction Consulting
Greenridge will take a deep dive into the client company, including its past and future plans to best focus the company for a successful transaction, which could include a capital raise, M&A transaction or partnership.  We scrutinize and stress test business plans and financial models, build a professional due diligence room for the pending transaction, and prep management for presentations and subsequent questions.  Our aim is to make the small, but necessary tweaks to the business that will ensure a successful transaction.

Due Diligence
Greenridge works with companies at all stages to develop and organize all documents required to populate a due diligence room that meets FINRA requirements, as well as the expectations of institutional investors.  Specifically, we can develop and/or raise the standard of business and marketing plans, corporate presentations tailored to strategic or passive investors, and full financial modeling, including cap tables, use of proceeds, and stress testing.

We also work with third-party investment banks to create due diligence reports that meet or exceed all FINRA requirements for capital raises. The comprehensive reports will also include a review of the most marketable aspects of the company, along with potential red flags in marketing the deal.  At the discretion of the investment bank, these due diligence reports can be used in conjunction with marking the deal.

Cross-Border Transactions
Greenridge has an expansive network of partners across North America and the Australia-Asia region and can assist in finding partners for product sourcing, opening new distribution markets and channels, and forming strategic partnerships.

Company Presentations
Greenridge works with public and private companies to take existing corporate materials and repackage them into a professional corporate presentation targeted for its intended end use. These presentations are typically used for investor presentations or marketing to potential investment banks/sponsors for capital raises or M&A transactions.

Market Research
Greenridge works with public and private companies and to research various aspects of the client company and its market to create formal written overviews the client can use as part of its filings for capital raises or going public transactions. Greenridge has successfully delivered cohesive summaries of Operations and Structure, Industry Overview & Outlook, Competitor Analysis, and Risks to Investment, among others.

SPAC Formation
Greenridge can assist in a variety of aspects of forming and operating a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company), including strategy development, management and Board selection, investor deck creation, sourcing service providers, providing post-IPO administration, sourcing potential targets, and merger target due diligence.

Ad Hoc Consulting
Greenridge consults on various situational requests for clients, including Business Plan Evaluation, Business Formation and Management, Marketing and Distribution Strategies, and Partnership Sourcing, among others.


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